Huayu Universal Remote Codes & Instructions

Huayu Remote is the universal remote that helps you to operate your TV, music system and other devices by using a single remote only. For that, you need to program your own huayu universal remote, of course for that you should have huayu universal remote code. Because while programing your own universal remote you will need huayu remote codes to enter.

If you are searching for the huayu universal remote codes. Then you are at the ideal spot, here in this post we are sharing the updated working huayu universal remote codes that you can use to program your huayu universal remote.

Huayu Universal 3 Digit Remote Codes

011, 017, 029, 032, 076, 077, 078, 079, 080, 081, 107, 113, 117, 034, 054, 067, 069, 071, 075

Huayu Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes

0028, 0026, 0022

Huayu Universal Remote Instructions

  • First of all “Turn on your Device”.
  • After that simply press the “TV” button on your remote
  • Now you need to “Hold the Setup Button” on your remote
  • Once it shows light flash, then release and enter the keycode ( Universal remote code from above list)
  • Now press and hold the “Power Button”
  • Once the power off then “Release the button”

Huayu Universal Remote

Programming Huayu Universal Remote With Direct Code Entry

In case, you are searching for the easy steps just to enter the code at your device then you landed at the best post because below, here you will get the steps that you need to follow for the direct code entry. So let’s have a look-

1). First of all “Find the code” from above list

2). After that, you need to “ON” the device according to the wish that you want to control.

3). Now you need to press and hold the button of the “SETUP” unless you will see the indicator of the light and then you have to release the button.

4). Press and Hold the button of the remote. You will see that the “Red Light” will blink and it remains on.

5). Please “Enter the Code” which you will get in the list of the code. By using the button of the remote, you have to enter the valid code.

6). Then press “Power” button. if your code is correct then your device will turn off, means you programmed your device successfully with remote.

Note: if you have entered the incorrect code then your device will not turn off it means your have try again with different code with same steps.

Make sure that if you will not press any button then after 10 seconds, the remote will exit all the setup. Again you have to start the process. In the last, you have to point the remote towards the device. You need to press the button of the POWER if your device turns off. In case, your device does not turn off then you have return towards step3 and enter the next code from the list.You have to do this process until you will find the code for your device.

Programming Huayu Universal Remote With Auto Code Search

You have to read the below steps just to start the search of the auto code. As through the auto search, you can easily search the codes as all the codes are stored in the remote. So let us follow the below steps-

1). You have to Turn on your device that you want to control.

2). Now press button of the “Setup” for the 4 seconds. then press the corresponding device button.

3). Now Press the “POWER” button then wait for the device to turn off.

4). After that press and release the button of the POWER just to start the search. You will see that the red indicator will flashes just for the 2 seconds when you search the code.

5). Make sure that your finger should be on the #1 button just to prepared to lock-in the code.

6). When you see that the device is shut off or start begins playing, then you need to press the #1 button. The indicator of the red light will turn off. its means you device successfully paired with remote.

Now you have to point the remote at your device. You need to examine that the device operates as per your desire. In case, it does, then there is no programming required. If you see the error then you have to go to the step2 again and start the auto search again. For every device (TV, DVD, SAT, AUX), you have a repeat this process in the system of your entertainment. At one time you can program the eight devices.

This was all about the process you need to follow to program huayu universal remote. Also, here above you can find the working huayu universal remote code that you will need to program the huayu universal remote. Just program your own and minimize your headache of managing so many remotes.

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