Avera Universal Remote Codes & Instructions

Looking for avera remote codes? You are at the perfect platform. Here we have latest working avera universal remote codes list to use with all universal remotes. You must need to have avera tv code while programming a remote control for your device.

Each and every type of universal remote codes for avera tv either it might be of 3 digit, 4 digit or 5 digit remote codes we have updated here. You need to enter one of these codes while programming the remote to operate your avera tv. We have also mentioned all the programming methods here so that you can successfully program your remote using one of those methods.

Avera TV Universal Remote Codes List

You need to find out the code that are compatible for your remote from the below available remote codes list.  For GE, Directv and all other type of universal remote codes we have made a specific list of codes so you can easily find it here and program the remote code.

  • 10030
  • 1043
  • 0030
  • 506

Avera TV Universal Remote Codes For GE

  • 174
  • 0174
  • 0151
  • 5279

How To Program Avera Universal Remote

There are three main ways that are available below with instructions to follow them. You can choose any of these methods to program your remote control for avera tv. If a method doesn’t work for you then try the alternative programming methods or change the remote code from the available list. Keep trying till you get success in programming your remote.

Programming Avera Universal Remote With Keycode Method

Through the keycode method you can easily program Avera universal remote and also it find outs the component model you are using.

  1. “Turn on” the Device
  2. Tap the “TV” on “Avera Universal remote”.
  3. Now Click & hold on “Setup Button” of the universal remote till the “Light flash”(It shows the learning mode).
  4. Now enter the “Keycode” which you find from above mentioned list.
  5. Once the process completed, “Point your remote at TV” then “Press & Hold the Power” button.
  6. Release the “Power Button” when the screen turns off.

Programming Avera Universal Remote With Code Search Method

  1. “Turn on” your Device.
  2. Then Click & hold the “Setup” button
  3. Now enter “9-9-1”(3-digit code)
  4. Hold down the “Power Key” on remote and then click the channel up until the device “turns off”.

Programming Avera Universal Remote With Manual Setup

  1. Place the device “Remote control facing Universal remote control you are willing to replace”.
  2. Click the “Setup key” or “Magic”.
  3. Enter “Code” from above provided list
  4. Tap any key of functions which you like to “Program”. Example- TV volume up.
  5. Now tap & hold the corresponding button on “Original Remote Controller”.
  6. Lastly, A light will “Blink” which means the program saved successfully.
  7. Now the “TV Volume Up” button saved to your Universal remote & you can use volume button.


Please share your feedback with us if you find this avera tv remote code article useful. This will give us a boost to improve the user experience. You can also find clear instructions to program the remote control here.  So you just need to check out your device name and enter the remote code accordingly.

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